Conor McGregor – Win or Learn by John Kavanagh

One for the Bookshelf

My brother  is a  big fan of Conor McGregor the Irish UFC fighter. He talks about him a lot and I can see that McGregor has had a huge influence on young people.  My brother says that Conor’s attitude to believing in yourself, working and training hard all pays off.  He recently bought Conor McGregor’s coach John Kavanagh’s book  based on their training journey and how Conor McGregor became an internationally known champion.

This review is by my brother and his thoughts on the book.

This book is an excellent read. I would recommend it to fans of Conor McGregor, fans of MMA in general or anyone who believes that hard work and determination is the recipe for success and fame. John Kavanagh takes the reader on a journey describing the bumpy road it took to promote mixed martial arts in  Ireland and become one of the most respected coaches in the world of UFC.




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