Adult Colouring

As a small child I have always loved colouring. I enjoyed experimenting with bright colours and trying to stay inside the lines! Colouring is a fantastic way to be creative and show your artistic side. My Aunt recently gave me a gift of the Millie Marotta’s Adult colouring books. The three colouring books she gave me were ‘The Animal Kingdom’, ‘Wild Savannah’ and ‘Tropical Wonderland’. These books are absolutely gorgeous. The patterns and designs are so fantastic they make me itch for a pen every time I look at the pages. With delicate designs to intricate patterns colouring can be a very relaxing activity which many people can really enjoy.

The following points I read in a magazine about Art Therapy.

Benefits of Colouring

  • Feel inspired – It feels wonderful to experiment with different colours and find out how they interact with each other.
  • Enhance your concentration – Colouring  requires precision and focus. As it encourages hand-eye coordination, colouring can actually help you maintain a sharp mind.
  • Free your mind – Colouring is a great way to meditate. It is creative and peaceful, a lovely moment of calmness in a busy world.
  • Spark your creativity – Colouring can help you unlock your imagination and lead to other creative thoughts and ideas.
  • Relieve stress – Because colouring requires attention to detail, it offers a real chance to unwind and be completely in the moment, far from the things that are clouding your mind.
  • Reconnect with your inner child – Adults have the most to benefit from colouring as a purely therapeutic activity – take time out from a stressful life to decompress.

These are a few pictures I have coloured  myself from the three books.

Happy Colouring!!!

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