Stella McCartney – POP!

Stella McCartney – POP

I wanted to treat myself to a new perfume, something light, young and floral.  I always find Liz and Maureen in Pharmacy First Plus, Glanmire (next to the bank) very helpful and great for advice. I tried a few different perfumes all various scents and fragrances, and all the perfumes were beautifully packaged. I thought to myself, it’s going to be impossible for me to choose. Liz sprayed some Dolce and Gabana perfumes  which  all smelt fresh and vibrant. Overwhelmed by all the scents, Liz  advised me to take a short break and let my nose recover and return to the chemist later, as it did get a bit confusing with all the gorgeous scents! So I went shopping for something equally lovely, jellybeans!!

After my little shopping trip, I  returned to the chemist to re-smell the perfumes and decide which one to buy. While I was buying jellybeans, Liz told that they just had a delivery of the new perfume, POP by Stella McCartney. Liz seemed very excited and she wanted me to spray it immediately as she thought I’d love it. The perfume looked very elegant in its pink topped bottle. As I sprayed it I thought, Liz you are a genius you knew I would love this perfume! The scent was just perfect, young, fresh and floral just what I was searching for. I had to buy it and I’m so glad I did because I wear it everyday and I’ve had a number of friends compliment me on the scent. I love to know when I’m smelling good!! Thanks Liz xxx



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