Pretty Seed Packets and a Quotes Chalk Board

My Mom loves growing flowers from seeds. Every year she likes to collect seeds from some of the plants in the garden to regrow the next year. The nasturtium plants in our  garden grew from a seed my brother originally planted in Montessori School when he was four, now he’s twenty!

She collects seeds on a dry day and stores them in brown paper bags. This year I decided to surprise her and make some pretty seed packets for her from craft paper.  I also attached labels to name the seeds and the date they were packed.





I love signs and boards with quotes on them, we have quite a few hanging up around our house. As there are so many good quotes, I decided to make a chalk board so I could write up the ones I like. My Dad cut me a square piece of wood. I bought some black board paint and gave it a coat – it looked fine with just one. He cut four pieces of wood which I sanded to give it a rough rustic look. I glued the four pieces of wood on to the chalk board with an all purpose glue called Tec 7. I decorated it with paper flowers and Blu tack which can be removed to add other pictures and quotes.



 My Aunt Carol suggested that one of the pretty seed packs would make a very nice token to receive in a card.



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