Monday 3rd of October is World Day of Bullying Prevention.

Bulling is a serious problem and World day of Bulling Prevention is an opportunity to take a stand against it. Enjoy my poem ‘Sam the Bully’.


Sam the Bully

by Edel Lonergan

There once was a bully, his name it was Sam

he bullied the students, his dad and his mam.

He spoke with his foot and a punch of his fist,

he enjoyed people squealing as he twisted their wrist.

Sam  was big, he was strong and had power,

in the corridors and yard other students would cower.

Sam made the rules and put them in place,

and if you broke them you’d pay with your face.

Sam surrounded himself with a mob,

whose task was to continuously make people sob.

They met every week in the shed out the back,

discussing which victims were next to attack.

Sam was happy secure in his reign,

dishing out orders, terror and pain.

One day he saw a boy whom he considered a coward,

it happened to be a new guy, his name it was Howard.

 Howard was small, was thin and was weedy,

but exceedingly clever and knew bullies were needy.

For Howard he knew how bullies did think,

for his dad was a teacher and his mom was a shrink.

With jibes and threats Sam tried to break Howard down,

but with psychological warfare he made Sam look like a clown!

Embarrassed and exposed Sam’s mob began to dwindle.

For protection  alone now Sam was forced to mingle.

But friends and companions Sam he found none,

and felt that his time at the school was now done.

On Sam’s departure he wasn’t wished any luck,

basically people just didn’t care if it sucked!!

So Bullies beware not everyone’s a coward,

 and eventually there will be justice in the form of a Howard.


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