Victoria’s Secret Body Fragrance Mist

I love trying out new scents and fragrances.  I was really happy to find the Victoria Secret’s Body Fragrance Mists. I’ve been trying out the Fragrance mist ‘Agua Kiss’ and I’m really liking it.  As it is a body mist I was not expecting the scent to last all day and I thought I would be spraying it  every 30 minutes. But I was wrong! This body mist took me by surprise! Before school I would spray the body mist twice on my clothes and when I came home I could still smell the fragrance from that morning without topping it up.

I got this Victoria Secret Body Fragrance Mist from Pharmacy First Plus Glanmire. They also have three more scents, Mango Temptation, Amber Romance and Pure Seduction. I didn’t test these three out, but I’m sure they’re as long lasting as Aqua Kiss.



2 thoughts on “Victoria’s Secret Body Fragrance Mist

  1. I love Aqua kiss. If you like this then you will also love “Dream” it’s great as a body lotion as well!!! I prefer these two to most Victoria secrets sickly sweet scents:)
    I’ve just published my second post today! I’d be happy if you’d stop by🎅🏼🎄
    Sending blogging support your way


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