Clarins Beauty week-Pharmacy first Plus

Pharmacy First Plus Glanmire and Douglas are currently having a CLARINS Beauty Promotion until Saturday the 28th of January. Knowing it was coming up I booked myself an appointment with Maureen for a make-up and skincare demonstration. I received a refreshing facial cleanse and a make-up application. I feel some people my age think Clarins is for ‘Moms’ but they have excellent products for younger skin. The Clarins consultant Maria was really lovely and very knowledgeable. She advised me on skincare and did my make-up. She gave me some great tips on how to achieve fresh clean skin and also the best ways in which to apply your make-up. I am now delighted to have started my Clarins Beauty life purchasing some Clarins make-up products and I also received a free Clarins Beauty bag with four beauty treats. Thank you Maria and Maureen.










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