Chocolate Tea at The Three Spoons

My mom and I are big fans of herbal tea and we drink it all the time. Green tea is my favourite especially with lemon. When my moms friend Martina mentioned that she bought chocolate tea I was very intrigued so I went out to hunt down this delicious sounding tea! The Three Spoons shop in the Market Parade Cork city is where I bought the chocolate tea. The Three Spoons sell all different types of tea that you could possibly think of, delicious sweets, chocolate and unusual tea sets. They also sell a lot of herbs and seasonings.

I thought the layout of the shop when I first walked in was very pleasing to the eye. All the products displayed were bright and very polished looking. I met the owner of the shop Radvilas and also his wife Jurgita and their daughter Vakaore who were very nice and they showed me all the different tea and products in the shop. After spending a good amount of time smelling the different variations of chocolate tea I finally decided on the Chocolate Cream Truffles tea. They had so many varieties like fruity tea, green tea, black tea traditional tea, herbal tea and so much more.

As Mother’s Day is coming up very soon so I made some hand made tea bags with the chocolate tea I bought which I will be showing you in my next blog post which will be very soon!











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