Mother’s Day Tea Gift For That Special Mum

Today I wanted to share with you how to create your own pretty little tea bags with loose tea and some fine wedding tulle. I thought this idea would be perfect for a Mother’s Day gift because every time your mom makes a cup of tea, she will be reminded of your kind gesture. I also thought that it would be a fun and creative way to handcraft a gift for someone special.

These are some of the tea bags I made myself pictured with a pink rose tea set we own.

What you’ll need…

  • White thread
  • A cut out square of fine Wedding tulle, cheesecloth or Muslin
  • Material Scissors
  • A Needle
  • Labels


These are the supplies I used
  • AirBrush_20170318213016AirBrush_20170318212931AirBrush_20170318212944



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