For Sunbeams, make sure to use good Sun creams!!

This summer when we were planning to go on holidays, we decided to buy good quality sun cream. After getting some sunburn last year we learnt that burning just isn’t worth it. For me, as I am fair skinned, I need a high coverage sun cream as I would be prone to burning pretty easily. So when purchasing our cream, we decided what better place to go then our own local chemist Pharmacy first plus in Glanmire.

We spoke to consultant Elizabeth Murphy who as always is beyond helpful.  She explained to us in detail about different sun creams and which ones would best suit our skin types. She stressed how very important it is to protect our skin from the sun. I chose The La-Roche-Posay Sun Cream Stick, The Bioderma Dry Oil Sun cream, the Vichy Anti-blemish Face Sun cream and the Bioderma After-Sun Milk. When using these sun creams properly while on holiday in Spain, I did not get sunburned. The key thing that Liz mentioned to me was the re-application of sun cream throughout the day. People need to realize how important it is to re-apply your sun cream to avoid burning. Another tip Liz mentioned was to put your creams into the fridge so that on application they re nice and cool.

The La-Roche-Posay Sun Cream Stick

We found this stick very useful for any dark spots or freckles we had. It’s a perfect size for putting on specific areas without getting your hands all oily!

The Bioderma Dry Oil Sun cream

This sun cream was our main sun cream which we used for our bodies. The sun cream itself was an oil which I felt kept your skin feeling hydrated and had a nice scent. It was easy to apply as well because it’s a spray and you could see how much sun cream you were using.

Vichy Anti-blemish Face sun cream

We used this sun cream on our faces it was light and it didn’t clog up the pores.

Bioderma After-sun Milk

 After a day out in the sun your skin can feel dehydrated and simply putting on an moisturizing after-sun helps to replenish your skin. I noticed my skin felt and looked smoother when I used the after sun, and any tan I got it helped prolong it.



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