Stationary Style for School Swats!!

As you are probably aware we are edging closer and closer to the ‘Back to School’ season. It’s really hard not to notice all the new school supplies coming into the shops especially when the stationary have bright pastel colours and designs. I myself love stationary and I love buying new notebooks, pens and pencils for the new school year. It’s a nice way to treat yourself before all the busy work begins and plus I think it makes you feel more organized and productive for the year ahead!!

Recently I was in Dealz also known as Poundland in the UK and I saw that they had a great range of new stationary items. I really liked this pineapple themed design so I decided to buy some items before they get snapped up!! Back to school can be expensive but Dealz have a great selection of school supplies the majority all for just €1.50. These are just some of the things I managed to pick up and will definitely be using throughout the year ahead.

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