My 18th Birthday Memory Box

This Summer I was eighteen and my parents gave me a box which my mom calls a ‘Dotey Dolly box’. Inside this box were items such as photos, clothes and souvenirs which they’d kept over the last eighteen years. I really enjoyed looking through them and I was delighted that they had kept them. So I decided to do a blog piece and share them with you.


‘All of me’…

Baby Me


I was born Edel Anne Lonergan on June 26th, 1999. This is baby me with my christening candle, mug and other little gifts that I received.


My first pair of shoes


Here I have my first pair of shoes, or shoe – I lost one!! They were fitted on the 26th of August 2000 at Clarks.

Cute Clothes



These are some clothes that I had and photos of me wearing them. The middle picture is me with my godfather Edmund, I love the daisy hat and dress. Dungarees with my dad Pat and me asleep in my patchwork dress.


Some other pretty dresses but unfortunately no pictures of me in them.


Montessori School



Montessori school from age 3 to 5. I spent a year with my brother Danny, dark hair and brother Joe, blonde hair. A photo with a girl called Hannah who was my neighbour and friend. I love this photo of all the Montessori kids on the bench. I am first on the left and my brother Joe is last. The boy next to me Max is still in my class and we are in our final year of school. My friend Hannah is third on the bench.


First Day at School


This is a photo of me on my very first day of school. My teacher was a lady called Nuala Murray who was a fabulous teacher. These are some of my colourful copy books.


This is a picture of me with my brothers and sister. The six of us spent one year together in the same school Gaelscoil an Ghóirt Álainn.


Camogie…Up the Rebels!!


I’ve played camogie since age 7 and I still play. I play for my club Sarsfields and I also play for my County, Cork. I love the game and have some great teammates.



Anyone for Tennis?


When I was younger I played a lot of tennis. This is a photo of me with my doubles partner Alan Murphy who was a class player! His dad Mick in the photo was always great fun. In the background photobombing was my good tennis buddy Dean Smith Breen!!

All those Birthdays!


Here I’ve made a collage of some of the birthday cards I got for all my birthdays. Starting from age 1 to 18.


I’m a Barbie girl…


I used to keep this little set in a little bag for any of those impromptu tea parties.


If the Hat Fits Wear it!


I used to love this cute hat. This is my second birthday and I’m with my brother Danny. There’s only a year between us and we are really good friends. He is witty and funny and makes me a great cup of tea!

18, and the next chapter!


My name in lights, well my initials anyway!! My camera which at 18 I love and enjoy taking photographs and being creative with. Hopefully, this is something which I will do a lot of. The candle in the box which my mom kept for me says ‘Gather up some bright and happy memories’. I think it sums up my great 18-year memory box.

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