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Looking to Slice something up this Halloween? Knives at the ready for Edel’s Dunnes Stores Pumpkin Pie!!

Ready steady Bake!

I love Autumn and Halloween.  However, trick and treating at my neighbour’s doors for sweets and candy are long behind me!!  I do like a Halloween treat so I decided to do a trick with a pumpkin, and not a fabulous intricate carving, I wish I could.  I simply cooked one.  Pumpkin isn’t exactly a staple in our Irish diet.  Most of us carve a scary face on it, put in a tea light and then chuck it in the compost bin.  My mom on a grocery shop to Dunnes Stores picked up a copy of the stores free Autumn recipe booklet.  For those reading my blog and not from Ireland, Dunnes Stores is literally our national store, founded by the Dunne family from my own native county Cork.


Recipies I made from the Dunnes Autumn booklet



It’s amazing the beautiful food and recipes the booklet contains and I found exactly what I was looking for, pumpkin recipes.  I cooked the Pumpkin Passion cakes and the Pumpkin Pie.  My Mom picked up the ingredients for me as this year I am in my final year at school and studying to go to university so every study moment counts, yes, I’m trying to be little Miss study nerd!!  The recipes are super easy to make and taste absolutely delicious.  I also made a hot pumpkin spice hot chocolate to enjoy with my scrumptious treats.

My versions…

Delicious Pumpkin Pie!!
Pumpkin Passion Cakes mmmm!!!
Big bite for Fright night!!

It all adds up I love (π) pie!!!
While I cooked I listened appropriately to and enjoyed a song called ‘The Dunnes Stores Girl’ by Cork singer and musician John Spillane.  Do make sure to pick up the recipe brochure and ingredients at Dunnes Stores and it also contains some beautiful Christmas recipes which are next on my list for fabulous festive food.

Have a very happy Halloween, from Edel.







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