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Fit For February, with Adidas and Lacoste

Hello everyone!  Christmas 2017 I was very lucky to be gifted many presents all of which I love. They were so good that they inspired me to write a post about them. One thing I really like about gifts is when they’re practical and you know instantly you’re going to get so much use out of them. In January most people make some new year’s resolutions and try to start new things. I myself like to do this as well because it gives me a checklist of things I would like to do or achieve. A beautiful gift that I received from an Aunt inspired this blog post.  I’m a lover of perfume and the gift was a Lacoste perfume and body lotion called ‘Sparkling’. I was so happy when I found it under the tree.

When I was younger I used to play tennis up to a very high level and Lacoste was always one the famous brands worn by successful tennis players. Therefore when I think of Lacoste I think about sport. Another great gift my sister Faye and I received was a pair of Adidas shorts. So with my shorts and perfume, I feel ready to bounce into a healthy 2018. Fitness and health I feel should be one of the main priorities on our resolution list. Make it fun and enjoy it and you are more likely to stick with it.

Scents and Shorts
Feeling the stretch!

Sister Act!
Uphill struggle!!
Little Sis, My Fitness Buddy!
Well earned rest!


2 thoughts on “Fit For February, with Adidas and Lacoste

  1. Hey Edel! Caoimhe again 😉 just to say this was a great read and I still look forward to getting emails about your new posts 😛
    You’ve given me a bit of inspo to do some actual exercise instead of just a 5 min walk between studying :’D
    (I’ve said my name now so I’m anony-moose no longer :o)

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