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‘Balance Café’ Cookery Course

Recently I entered a competition advertised in my school, the prize a four-week cookery course.  As I love cooking and nutrition I was delighted when I heard I had won. The cookery course took place in a local café in Glanmire called ‘Balance ‘ owned by Joanne Kiely. They provide fresh locally sourced and healthy food.                                                Their slogan is ‘Food to Make you feel Good’.

During the four week course, we made many different dishes, many of which I had no idea even existed. Marc Murphy from ‘Which Vit Nutrition’ gave the cookery demonstrations and we all got to do some cooking as well. We made four recipes in every two-hour class and during the week we could go home and recreate them ourselves. As we were cooking the recipes we would also learn about the food itself and what vitamins and minerals they had. I found this very interesting because I really enjoy learning about the nutritional value of food. You then know what exactly you are putting into your body. Balance has a course ‘Cooking for Men’ starting on February 21st.

Joanne, myself and Marc
Me popping in for a delicious lunch in Balance



I treated my Mom to lunch at Balance and it was delicious and healthy!

Adam’s Eggs

Balance use excellent locally sourced ingredients in their foods. One of those ingredients is free-range eggs who are supplied by Adam Dunne and his family. I always use these free-range eggs for my cooking which are promptly delivered every Thursday to our door by Adam’s lovely mom Helen. Should you wish to purchase these eggs you can contact the Dunnes on 087-1413982

Adam and Myself with some of his eggs






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