Summer visits : Fota House & Victorian Gardens Cork


For years, my family and I have been going to Fota Gardens. My mom has photos of us in Fota as babies. Now that we’re a bit older, we still like to visit for picnics and walk around the beautiful gardens.

I recently finished exams, and it was on my summer bucket list to take a tour of Fota House and Victorian Working Gardens. I really love the Regency era interiors as I am a Jane Austen fan.  There is so much beautiful detail in the designs of the furniture.

Together the House and The Victorian Working Garden tour was €27 for myself and  sister as students and my mom, which was a great combo. Both tours were over an hour long, and after, we had a lovely picnic in the sunshine. I really did enjoy the day, as it was full of interesting history regarding Fota Estate. I purchased a book called ‘Through the Green Baize Doors’ by our tour guide Eileen Cronin which gives the memoirs of her aunt who worked there for the family the Bells who were the last owners of Fota House. I would highly recommend checking out the tours as they’re running on a daily basis during the summer.

Here I have some pictures I took of both tours, hope you enjoy, Edel 😊

Fota House Tour


canva-photo-editor (2)






A book that our House tour guide Eileen, wrote about her aunt who worked in Fota House

Fota Gardens Tour


Me with the Gardeners Edwina and Bernard

Buying my Rosemary plant


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