Studying Away at College – Part 2



Not everyone stays in their home city when they go to college. My brother Danny is living away at college, so I thought I would ask him for a few tips and advice to give to students  thinking of moving away in September.

Some people think that going away for college is all about having the ‘craic’ but, there are other vital things to think about as well.


1# Budgeting

Danny said budgeting is very important when you’re away.


How are you going to be commuting from home to college, if it’s by bus or train you have fares to pay for. If you are driving you have petrol costs and perhaps extra costs ie. wear and tear on your car tyres.


Eating healthy and nutritious food is very important. You need to spend money wisely and eat well. Meal planning for the week is a good idea. Most student accommodations have communal kitchens so you need to have your food labeled and stored away in cupboards and fridges.  Taking pre-cooked meals from home are also handy.

Social Life

We all know social life in college is a big thing, and when students are away they tend to go out a bit more. You need to be aware of that and budget accordingly.


2# New Responsibilities

Away at college, you’re your own boss, and so you can do what you want! College is further education so Danny says you need to be organized and responsible. Simple things like getting up and turning up for lectures on time can help get into the normal everyday. And don’t forget to do your course work and hand in assignments on time.


3# Accommodation & Sharing

If you’re considering going away to college next September, you need to be looking for accommodation early. Many Student accommodations tend to fill up pretty quickly.       So, you don’t want to end up with a place in college but with no where or somewhere unsatisfactory to stay.

Away at college you’re going to be living with people you’ve never met before. Some people mix and make friends very easily while others find it more difficult and are less at ease in this way of living. Some people find it daunting or overwhelming when away at college. My brother Danny knows of people who got their courses but didn’t settle into college life away from home. So make sure being away is really what you want.

BUT, If you do decide to move away for college best of luck and enjoy every second!😊

(I know my brother does!! but I do love having him home)

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