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Super Joe’s 18th Birthday Party!

My brother Joe loves all things superhero. He was 18 a few weeks ago so I felt it was a good excuse for a surprise party and the theme of course was a no brainer!!  We managed to keep it a secret for a whole month while we made props and decorations. Homemade masks, capes and centre pieces were hidden in cupboards and wardrobes and anywhere we thought Joe wouldn’t look. The hardest part was trying to decorate his birthday cake and hide that!!!!

On the Friday evening of his birthday, I took Joe after school for a birthday treat in a restaurant called ‘Captain Americas’ (hint hint!!) while at home, my family were organizing the surprise party.  When we arrived friends and neighbours were there dressed with superhero masks and capes. Joe’s reaction was priceless and all the effort was definitely worth it.  There is less than 10 and a half months between myself and Joe so we are almost like twins!!IMG_2980










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